19 Mar

What’s Going On at Cedar Point?

One of the blogs I subscribe to is the Cedar Point Blog, which generally includes posts about upcoming special events and various “behind the scenes” photos of the rides and park that most guests never get to see. From time to time I’ll read something interesting on the blog that catches my attention…like the other day when they posted two photos of what could be an upcoming construction site on Millennium Island. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but today I was informed that the particular post had been removed, and all signs of the mysterious photos disappeared. Thanks to the magic of my Safari cache, I was able to recover the missing photos and provide them here for you:

Millennium Island 1

Millennium Island 2

Cedar Point Blog - RSS Capture

(Photo credits obviously go to Cedar Point)

5 thoughts on “What’s Going On at Cedar Point?

  1. If I had to speculate (and of course I will), I would guess that it is one of the following:

    • Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Those guys took the picks and wanted to stir up the pot a little, which they have done successfully.
    • Something permanent for HalloWeekends. I know they used the land last year for something … haunted. Perhaps it worked really well and they want to do it again. They converted the old, old carousel by the Wave Swinger from a carousel to a pavilion to a Halloween-only attraction.
    • Something new that the public really isn’t supposed to know about yet. When they were constructing Maverick they put up a fence around the construction site to keep things a little secret until CP was ready to give us the details.

    It also could be nothing. It is, in fact, dirt.

  2. Real Estate at CP – empty – with no coaster yet!! — The possiblities are endless — I dream of a yet to be designed coaster that pushes the limits of coasterdom – alas my man, not the return of Whitewater landing!!

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