4 Jan

Meet Abi: Coupon Ninja

Abi does all of the grocery shopping at our house, and she does a damn good job at what she does. No, it’s not just because I can always find something in the cupboards for me to eat…and no, it’s not just because she’ll sometimes surprise me with a 12-pack of beer…it’s because Abi is a Coupon Ninja.

We get a Sunday newspaper solely for the coupons. Sure, we’ll look through the ads and read some other things, but Abi digs through the paper and cuts out any useful coupon that she can find. These coupons are then filed in categories with the others for use on her next crazy shopping extravaganza. One of the tricks that Abi uses to save big is to only buy something if it is on sale AND she has a coupon for the item. Most grocery stores will double coupons, so after the sale and the coupon times two, it really can create some incredible deals.

For example, on her last grocery shopping trip to Kroger she saved a total of 51% off the bill, which was over $90. Just in case you think you misread, that is ninety dollars in cash. $70 of that was from coupons alone where the remaining was from in-store savings (sales, etc.). Some of the crazy deals she got this time include a large box of Russell Stovers candies for $.50, a family-sized pack of frozen Taquitos for $.25, a bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo for $.13, two bottles of Pert Plus shampoo for $.09 each, and even was able to get a toothbrush for free.

Sometimes Abi will actually pay negative dollars for things, ie, the store will pay her to “buy” something. For instance, let’s say something was on sale for $.75 and Abi has a couple for $.40. After the coupon is doubled the cost of the item is -$.05, which sometimes is actually subtracted from the total bill.

It’s ridiculously awesome, and that’s why Abi does the grocery shopping at the Lepolt house. I have no idea how many hundreds of dollars she has saved us since we have been married, but I do know that we’ve paid for the newspaper for the next couple years…and that’s just in her last trip!

4 thoughts on “Meet Abi: Coupon Ninja

  1. Growing up in a coupon house, I love the post-great work Abi! We used to dread going to the store with mom when they were having double coupons (double-or triple-coupons used to be a special occurrence) she had a coupon for EVERYTHING-or we wouldn’t buy it.

    I’ve recently started also searching online for coupons-it’s crazy the coupons they just give away!

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