4 Dec

Just for Fun

Just for fun I’ve decided to post these photos for you. Last week when my mom was in town for Thanksgiving she gave me a box containing some of my “stuff” that she no longer wanted in her house. Abi and I went through it the other day and found a lot of old high school track awards, some random trinkets, and some old photos that I had taken with my 110 film camera.

As best I can guess (and estimate from the date I got them developed), these were taken in the summer of 1996. My Grandpa Wagner used to take my cousins (Greg and Chris) and me on a yearly fishing trip to Robinson, IL, where his sister (my Aunt Carol) lived. Aunt Carol belonged to the Quail Creek Country Club, where we did all of our fishing. We made it three or four consecutive years without killing each other, and we always had a pretty good time. Each trip would last a few days where we would fish and hang out, but mostly fish.

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