7 May

Strap it on for Safety

If you have ever had anything to do with the Wii, you would know that sometimes people get really excited during gameplay and may wave the Wii Remote in all sorts of directions in a fit of panic hoping that whatever it is they’re trying to do will happen. I am about 75% 85% 90% 100% certain for this reason Nintendo decided to attach a wrist strap to the Wii Remote. The object of this strap is to tighten around the wrist of the player to prevent the Wii Remote from slipping out of someone’s hand. This would therefore create a much safer gaming environment, leaving no chance that a player would lose grasp of the remote and hurl it across the room causing potential damage to televisions, people, or other objects in the room. In fact, they even have an entire page dedicated to Wii Remote safety!

Unfortunately for Tim, the content on this page was [for lack of a more eloquent/nicer way of saying this] completely ignored.

Sorry man. Sometimes the best way to learn a lesson is the hard way. Sadly, serious losses were suffered in this case. My heart goes out to you, your family, and your poor HDTV.

Update: I’m going to use the same rule that Uncle Floyd has to follow…

2 thoughts on “Strap it on for Safety

  1. Wow that would really suck! And I agree with Mike. If I’m suppose to keep visiting this stupid blog to help give you hits then you better start writing more crap to make it worth while.

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