21 Feb

Oh, White Death, How I Loathe Thee

Listen: I’ll be the first to say that if it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow.  But hold on; there are some stipulations that belong with that statement, and apparently Mother Nature didn’t check her voicemail (either that or she finds joy is screwing with the city). 

Jonathan Lepolt’s Snow Rules:

  1. If it’s going to snow, don’t do it while I’m away from home.
  2. If it’s going to snow when I’m away from home, especially don’t do it when I’m 30 miles from home in Mason, OH.

Yes, you guessed it.  I got stuck driving home from work in the snow again.  Some of you may find this funny.  Screw you.  Some of you may feel my pain.  I’m about to start a support group, and everyone is welcome.

So it turns out this blog entry is going to be another rant about the weather in Cincinnati, moronic drivers, and the lack of competence of the local meteorologists.  Last week you may recall that I put a poll up on my blog asking people to vote on how much snow we would get overnight.  Meteorologists predicted 3-5 inches, and we ended up with about one inch and a nice coating of ice.  All I saw on the TV was weather people, weather watches, weather warnings, weather updates, weather-related closings, and salt trucks on call to react to the weather.  On my two-hour drive home today in a stretch of about 30 miles, I think I only saw two salt trucks.

Kevin should be able to attest to that.

So where were you on this one, weather people?  On my way into work around 7am they said the snow wasn’t going to start until 5 or 6pm.  Abi said I’m full of crap and they said the snow was going to start at 3pm, but I think they changed their minds once they figured out how stupid they were.  Oh well, I enjoy stop-and-go traffic on the Interstates.  After all, who needs a 65mph speed limit?

*Allow me to step off of my soapbox*

So, how ‘bout them Bearcats?  Not looking too bad this season after all, and we are sure getting our money’s worth in these close games.  Anyone predicting 2008 NCAA Tournament?

9 thoughts on “Oh, White Death, How I Loathe Thee

  1. Let the record show that Jonathan has no excuse whatsoever to lose to his younger brother in anything. Which is the reason he gets really really angry whenever I tie him on a single hole on the golf course. You too CD.

  2. A single hole?? Congratulations…I believe the object of the game is to have the lowest score on the entire 18 holes, correct? With that being true let the record show that Evan has never even been close to tying me. If you want to talk trash Ev you gotta be able to back it up.

  3. Yeah, from what I understand the two most popular ways to compete in golf are stroke play (have less strokes for the entire round) and match play (win the most holes for the entire round). I’ve never heard of “winning one hole” play.

  4. All I said is you have nothing to be proud of by beating me, you can only go downhill from here my friend……

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